The barbershop leather straps

The Barbershop is an online store for handcrafted photography leather goods. Sometime during 2014 I felt the need of creating something that could bring me closer to the process of manually working raw materials. After a few years working in tech and finance I felt I needed to recover the “touch” of art and creation, and this was an excellent opportunity for that. This is a personal project, ans as such I design personally every launched product, therefore you will find lots of details which are not industrialized but made one by one with my hands.

Photography, specially old style photography is one of my passions, and during years I collected lots of cameras like Leica, Polaroid, Voigtlander and others. These straps and accessories are based on these cameras, however, they fit on brand new cameras, and that was my purpose.

Wood boxes supplier

All my suppliers are artisans working in small ateilers and they put attention in every unit manufactured, from the product itself till the packaging used. I specially pick the finest materials for my products. The boxes of the bottom up camera strap are made from an artisan that usually makes wine boxes, I wanted a small version of it so he makes them on purpose. Also, I wanted small organic cotton bags for the rest of the products, and I could just find them out of Barcelona, in the South of Spain.

I work mostly with leather for several reasons: Leather allowed me to work with artisans using ancient techniques and machinery, and that was a warranty that every product is manufactured carefully and I could supervise the whole process. Furthermore, there’s a huge leather tradition in Barcelona and that provides me lots of options and specially the quality that I was looking for. For me, leather is a really honest and simple material, and it gets nicer when it ages.

Barbershop Vintage Strap leather

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